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How to smoke weed without coughing

Take Smaller Hits

When you cough, your lungs are telling you to back off. Your lungs can only take so much smoke at one time. If you feel your lung capacity is smaller than simply take mini-puffs. Don’t worry: You will still get your dose of THC. It will just be a slower, milder and more enjoyable experience.

Don’t Hold The Smoke

I see this a lot. Some smokers feel that holding the smoke in your lungs for long periods of time will get you more high. Wrong. All you are doing is damaging your lungs. The tars present in the combusted plant matter absorb at a slower rate than cannabinoids, so all you are doing is allowing the tar to irritate your lungs.

Try Vaping

If smoking is too harsh on your lungs, give vaporization a try. Vaporizers do not combust the plant material, instead gently warming it to a temperature that creates water vapor. It’s a lot easier on your lungs. There are some people who also suffer from bouts of coughing using vaporizers. Once again, try smaller tokes.

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