Oaxacan Highland Marijuana strain

Oaxacan Highland is a sativa landrace strain. In the 1970s, this variety of cannabis enjoyed great popularity in the United States, thanks to relatively porous borders and a lax domestic policy, prior to the so-called War on Drugs instigated by Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. With its trippy effects and distinctive flowers, Oaxacan Highland has become legendary in the days since its introduction. Its THC content has been measured at between 15% and 23%. Buy Oaxacan Highland Marijuana strain

Actual flowers of Oaxacan Highland may be unrecognizable to consumers of modern commercially-cultivated and harvested cannabis. When trimmed and cured, these flowers appear less like blossoms and more like wispy, elongated ferns.  These leaves are typically a vivid kelly green, streaked with brown; sometimes, phenotypes of this variety also have high concentrations of the pigment anthocyanin, which results in patches of deep purple if cold weather occurs late in the growing process. A dusting of white trichomes and curly red pistils cap off these eye-catching flowers. Buy Oaxacan Highland Marijuana strain


Buy Oaxacan Highland Marijuana strain

When properly cured, Oaxacan Highland carries and earthy taste that delivers notes of spice and incense, almost similar to indica Afghani’s trademark aroma. These buds also have a sharp and fruity berry scent that brightens up the strain's overall impression. Meanwhile, grinding up or picking apart these flowers releases some hints of roasted cocoa or coffee. When combusted, these rich scents coalesce in a smooth, easily ingested smoke. On the exhale, Oaxacan Highland’s thick smoke tastes fruity and woodsy, with the distinct aroma of pine and cedar. Buy Oaxacan Highland Marijuana strain

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Surprisingly, given its sativa genetics, Oaxacan Highland is a creeper whose high unfolds slowly over the course of several hours. At first, effects may manifest as an increase in blood pressure around the eyes and temples, along with an increased capacity for saliva production.  Certain sights  especially bright colors  can take on a new intensity or dimension, appearing over saturated or even glowing. Many consumers also notice that this strain can distort their depth perception (making walking difficult) and can induce strong feelings of time moving more slowly.    Buy Oaxacan Highland Marijuana online

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Oaxacan Highland’s energetic buzz can have several benefits for medical cannabis patients as well. It can help to sustain concentration, allowing those with attention deficit disorders to focus on a single task. It may also temporarily relieve the troubling effects of mild to moderate stress and depression. Physiologically speaking, the strain can numb pain, whether it’s related to injury, disease, or simple everyday inflammation like headaches.  Buy Oaxacan Highland Marijuana online

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Buy Oaxacan Highland Marijuana strain


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